Shen Qizhao, the world-renowned traditional Chinese painting master,
known as ¡°The first horse under the heaven¡±

The world-famous traditional Chinese painting master, German Chinese, Professor Shen Qizhao, born on March 29th, 1935 in Shanghai, his father was Shen Yiqian, widely recognized as an outstanding patriotic painter and a pioneer for modern Chinese painting in 1930s. Professor Shen Qizhao, superior to his father, was reputed as ¡°double grand masters for drawing horses with nationally eminent artist, Xiu Beihong in 1930s¡±. The sketch of Shen Yiqian was incomparable in sketch, he used to paint portrait for the well-known Anti-Japanese generals such as Chairman Mao, Zhou Enlai, Deng Yingchao, Zhu De, He Long, head of American Volunteer Group, Clair Lee Chennault and the celebrated American journalist, Snow, published in the newspapers and periodicals to propagate the Anti-Japanese campaign.

As two years old, Shen Qizhao began to learn the art of painting, became a painting prodigy at the age of six and participated in China Adults¡¯ Painting Exhibition when he was thirteen with a favorable reputation, sat at the feet of Chinese modern painting master, Liu Haisu, painting masters, Qian Shoutie, Wu Shuyang and Du Chonghua, etc. With perseverance and consistency, Shen insisted on painting in the days of hardships. Oriented by the nature, he left for Mongolia and Xin Jiang to watch the spirited horses galloping and leaping, talking to herdsmen on horse-loving with an emotional feeling, asking herdsmen to offer advice about his works, modestly modifying his paintings. Master Shen even fed, treated illness, cleared up barns for the fine horses in German stud farms in person with a deep attachment for them, playing an improving role in his creative work. Master Shen Qizhao placed a rigorous requirement on his work. Some paintings issued on newspapers or displayed in exhibitions had been torn up by himself when he found deficiencies, resolutely showing flawless works to people by tearing up thousands of paintings within ten years.

Master Shen Qizhao cherished lives, loved animals, especially horses. Horses are the loyal friends of human beings, standing for victory, progress and affections. Not only could Master Shen Qizhao draw up lifelike horses, but also their inner beauty and spirit. In order to manifest the charm of traditional Chinese painting, ¡°love and bright¡± international individual exhibition of painting was held by him in China, USA, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Tai, etc. Shen particularly excelled at drawing dark horses with ¡°no bone painting¡± (it was the most difficult skill in traditional Chinese painting). Huge, high spirit, vitality, unity of form and spirit, great and momentous, soaring up in the air, long mane flying, rage and dominant such distinctive characteristics formed the spirit of Master Shen Qizhao¡¯s painting. His longest painting ¡°ten thousand horses galloping¡± stretched about 40.74 feet, with the biggest horse approximately 19 feet in height.
The traditional Chinese painting works of Shen Qizhao was reported by world-famous media across the world such as Ming Pao, Chun Qiu Magzine of Hongkong, the World Journal, Ming Pao, Sing Tao Daily News, the Chinese Press, the opposite shore magzine, the Sino Vision of USA, STUTTGARTER ZEITUNG, German TV, published by Lianhe Zaobao and United Evening Paper of Singapore, Sin Chew Daily and China Press of Malaysia. In 2009, the traditional Chinese paintings of Master Shen Qizhao were uplifted to a new height in the world, whose auction price had reached 10 million Euros, bringing honors for China, receiving a favorable reputation, with an extensive influence from home and abroad. The traditional Chinese painting market had been increasingly booming in recent years, people all over the world began to collect the world-class treasure, ¡°the first horse under the heaven¡± painted by Master Shen Qizhao. The height of the oversized traditional Chinese painting for the fine horse was up to 18 feet, regarded as a world wonder, whose price rocketed to hundreds million RMB, creating an international market for traditional Chinese painting.

Pope Benedict XVI opened the painting of Professor Shen personally at the World Catholic Conference in Vatican in 2005, spoke highly of Master Shen Qizhao: ¡°that¡¯s fantastic!¡± The previous president Clinton and the secretary of State, Hilary focused on the works of Master Shen Qizhao with great passion, praising his painting repeatedly, they commended that ¡°we were impressed a lot by the fine work with a profound inscription, which we were studying all the time. Your painting brought inspiration, courage and force into our life and work!¡±

Master Shen Qizhao was a brilliant man of wide learning, apart from the outstanding achievement in painting, he also created miracles in medicine, winning glory for Chinese medicine. Master Shen Qizhao healed Parkinson¡¯s disease, which was the first case in the world. Great contributions had been made by him in the treatment for the sequelae of stroke disease, lumbar disc disease, acquiring many noble prizes in medicine. Master Shen Qizhao was known as three excellent skills internationally ¡°painting, medicine and deep knowledge¡±. Professor Shen had turned old of late years, what a pity it was that he didn¡¯t have enough time to continue his medical research due to his devotion to his study on traditional Chinese painting and preparation for the establishment of Shen Yiqian museum.

The combination of the persevering vigor of a dragon and horse of Chinese nation with the will of persistent and keeping improving of German people were reflected in Master Shen Qizhao¡¯s traditional Chinese painting, which was also an expression of his life striving history. The traditional Chinese painting of Master Shen Qizhao could be appreciated by the whole world or even the whole body of mankind, receiving high commendation and honorable reputation from home and abroad, creating a new high for the traditional Chinese painting in modern times, making remarkable contribution to the heritage and development of Chinese traditional art.


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